>Ted Haggard , Ex-…Whatever

> Picture credit http://rspas.anu.edu.au/rmap/newmandala/2008/06/17/

5 Days. Then we will not have to listen to W anymore.

Another person we shouldn’t have to listen to is Ted Haggard. You remember him, the evangelical leader disgraced evangelical leader who admitted to paying a male prostitute for sex. Then he went into gayhab or whatever, but he emerged just as tormented as he was when he entered.

Torment is something that the closet does to you. The closet can lead to destructive behaviors as one tries to find ways to satisfy his (or her) natural desires. Mark Foley and Larry Craig come to mind. But Ted Haggard is a special case.

In the article linked above we learn that Haggard confessed to beginning his gay play in the seventh grade. Even those without gaydar (or, for the technos, GPS…gay positioning system) can see that this guy is clearly gay.

“That being said, there is something even more disturbing about the implications of the Haggard episode. Here we have someone who has admitted to having gay sex repeatedly, has admitted to teenage sexual experimentation, and has admitted to ongoing confusion over sexual attraction, and most everyone still allows him to call himself straight.”

The author asks what it means that so few are questioning Haggard’s story.

“That so few people are challenging Haggard’s illogical explanation for the person that he is today is disturbing. It furthers the myth that people choose their sexual orientation.

That is just plain false. Our sexual orientation is a natural part of who we are. The only choice we may make is whether or not we lie to ourselves and those around us

Of course it could just be that people have stopped listening to Haggard.

But his story will be told on HBO January 29 when The Trials of Ted Haggard, a documentary by Alexandra Pelosi premieres.

Haggard’s story brings up the subject of “Ex-Gay.” This “therapy” has been strongly discredited by the American Psychological Association. But nothing says it better than a personal experience. Here Peterson Toscano, from Peterson Tuscano’s A Musing, an ex-gay survivor, explains what caused him to go ex-gay. (Warning/disclaimer: while the video is completely harmless and educational, the YouTube video suggestions after the clip are not suitable for work or small children. These links are not chosen by the video producer, rather by YouTube’s crazy system)

Pretending one is not gay when one really is gay does not work.

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