>UAB Employee Sending Hate Mail?

>Be careful who you hate. Or at least, how you hate.

A UAB employee used UAB email to send “hate speech” against gays to Join the Impact calling gays “freaks” and a “scourge of the earth“, and “responsible for everything wrong in this sorry world.”

Everything? So gays are responsible for the terrorist attack in India? Gays are responsible for a confused woman putting a baby in a duffel bag and leaving it abandoned on a street? Gays are responsible for a narcissistic governor attempting to sell a senate seat?

How about recognizing that gays are responsible for some of the good in our world? For instance, Alan Turing , the British mathematician who cracked the code of the German navy during WWII and is considered by some the founder of computer science. Gay. There are plenty of others.

Jonathan Quinn of Central Alabama Pride points out that taxpayer dollars are paying for the sender’s email account.

ABC 33/40 Video

Sure, people can have whatever beliefs they want, and we do believe in free speech, but using your business email to spread your feelings is a no-no.

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