>Bessemer Responders Earning Their Keep

>Be sure to read my Western Tribune column from this week’s paper. It’s about education. It’s posted just below this.

There is just too much “stuff” going on in Bessemer. Police and emergency workers are staying busy.

A murder on Granville Avenue Saturday morning. Johnathan Devon Woods was killed. A man has been charged with this murder. Police say it was a “domestic” situation but details were not released.

Walter Moore is missing. His car was found at Cedar Hill Cemetery with a window blown out and blood in the car. Police are treating it as a murder. Moore’s mother, Ruby Moore, says her other children are getting anonymous calls saying Walter’s body is in a creek nearby.

Kimberly Davis apparently ran off the road Monday night and into a swollen creek and drowned. Actually the cause of death was not listed, I just assume she drowned. This is not the first person to die along Morgan road in this manner. Shouldn’t there be guard rails or something?

A live baby was found in a duffel bag. At least this one has a happy ending, but really, this is both bad and good news. The baby, a boy less than a month old, is alive and doing well. Powell Dabbs found the bag and baby across the street from his home near Grace Lutheran Church in Bessemer. Dabbs is a grandfather, and you can tell he comes from a different era. He was reluctant to touch the baby, “I didn’t even handle my babies when they were little,” he said. These days, dads are as much caregivers as moms. Well, except for breast feeding. Anyway, we are thankful that Mr. Dabbs had some mail to take to the mailbox yesterday.

What will be the news of today in Bessemer?


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