>Bessemer Data and Christmas Prep

>Data released by the U. S. Census Bureau reveals several things in Bessemer that need to change. Story from Birmingham News.

Percent of families with children that are headed by female with no husband. Bessemer 57%, highest in the county (Birmingham is 53%, next is Homewood with 22%). I think the research shows that children do better with 2 parents (regardless of gender). However, I think there are plenty of children from one parent households that are doing fine. It has to do more with the parenting skills than the number of parents involved.

Inadequate parenting may reflect in the next stat. Percent of those 25 or older with less than high school education. Again, Bessemer is the worst in the county, at 21.1%. (Birmingham 19.1, Alabaster 9.8) And percent with Bachelor’s degree or greater, Bessemer 10.3% , again, lowest in the county.

Education in Bessemer is improving, although the school board might not believe that. After all they fired a successful Superintendent recently.

Anyway, tomorrow’s column in The Western Tribune is about education in Bessemer, but you will have to wait to read it.

In the meantime, here is what is keeping me busy.

This is a Sugar and Spice Cake, and once it is frosted no one will notice that one of the layers is uneven. Lemon-Coconut Cake, Best Carrot Cake and Red Velvet Pound Cake are some of the others I am making this week.

Spending so much time in the kitchen, I had to put a Christmas tree in there.

Is this red and green enough?

Blue eyed Black Santa is watching over some of the Salt and Pepper shakers in our collection.


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