>Christmas in Bessemer

>Be sure to read my Western Tribune Column from this week, which follows this.

This is new. Bessemer officials must be trying to keep me happy. Christmas decorations on the light poles like you might see downtown, on Dartmouth Avenue! This “flake” is at our corner. Think they are trying to tell me something?

This candy cane is at the other end of our block.

Here are some pictures of our house at night, with garland and bows on the fence. Do you think we need lights on the chimney?

It would make a good spooky house, don’t you think? We do have a ghost, and a ghost hunter type person brought an instrument here once to take some readings.

But if you start mixing ghosts and Christmas, you end up with a Nightmare Before Christmas setting, which is appropriate since my neighbor Glenn Shadix had a role in that movie. Visit his site and read Glenn’s interview about The Nightmare Before Christmas 10th Anniversary.

December in Bessemer means grand parties, and Christmas here is always merry. Fabulously so.


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