>Who – hoo knew?

>Have you sent your postcard to President elect Obama urging him to ask congress to repeal the Defense of Marriage Act? We sent 2, one says “Alabama” and the other “Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.” You can get souvenir postcards like these at Petro (exit 100 on I-20/59) and probably at Flying J and Cracker Barrel too, in and around Bessemer.

Who-Hoo-hoo knew? Northern saw-whet owls live in Alabama. Birders previously thought the little owl lived only in Canada and Northern US.

Photo credit Wikipedia

Bob Sargent and his wife Martha have caught nine of them near their home in Clay. They are bird experts and worked on this project for three years before capturing any this year. Jackpot. They document, photograph and put an ID band around its leg. They only weigh 3.5 ounces. Cute, huh?

In Bessemer, no owls, but lots of turkeys. 400 turkeys were given out by Earl Cochran Jr and DeMeco Ryans, Houston Texans players from Bessemer.


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