>Protests, continued

>Across the United States thousands, possibly a million, people stood together in support of Equality. Here are estimated totals from various cities. Over 100 are listed, and results still coming in. Here are a few.

Athens, Ohio: 150+ “We’re a small college town located in the SouthEast corner of Ohio in the Appalachian Hills and are proud of our LGBT community as well as our friends, family and allies who showed their support today for marriage equality and human rights for all.”

Columbia , South Carolina 150-175

New Orleans 500

Knoxville, TN News Report

Jackson, Mississippi 50 Thanks, Knol

Hattiesburg, Mississippi 30 Thanks, Knol

Montgomery, AL 7

Dallas 1200 Newspaper Report

Gee, we are surrounded by people in cities who effectively demonstrated for same sex equality.


Here are our Las Vegas buddies, filmed by some out of towners it seems.


MSNBC describes the protests as peaceful, but with anger evident. That pretty much sums it up.

In spite of all I have heard, I still feel like an opportunity has been missed in Birmingham. Maybe we need an organization that will fight for equality in a pro-active way. Or maybe the organizations we have just need to step it up a bit. What do you think? Answer the poll questions to the left. There are two questions.

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