>Rambling up to the Closing Argument

>The FBI released their hate crime statistics for 2007. There were over 7600 hate crimes last year, a 1% drop compared to 2006. In spite of the overall drop, anti-gay hate crimes saw an increase of 6%. Race, religion and sexual orientation were the leading motivators for hate crimes. Within those categories, most hate crimes were anti-black, anti-Jewish and anti-gay.

Speaking of hate crimes, two small town (listen up, Sarah) neo-Nazi skinheads planned to dress up in white tuxedos and top hats and go on a killing spree, targeting blacks and Barack Obama. CNN Story.

Meanwhile, there’s Ashley Todd. You have heard the story, and seen the self inflicted backwards “B” on her face. While it seems obvious that Todd is deranged, the incident is still a grand case of race baiting. Not just by the perp, but by Matt Drudge and McCain operatives who fueled the story.

Included are WERC 960 talk show host Dominick Brascia who still has the link to the story saying the attack was for real on his site. On the day of the attack he was in a frenzy with his cohorts trying to incite fears that any black person could do this and that they are all thugs. And on the next day after the story was found to be a hoax, did he apologize? No, they mentioned it was a hoax, but then he made sure to point out that an assault against him that he had spoken of previously was by a black person…I guess that was supposed to validate his accusations, however wrong. Then they went after Obama for being a “socialist.” (Proof, they said!)

You know, Brascia and most of the people screaming “socialist” and “Marxist” and “Communist” (including that reporter who interviewed Biden the other day with the most insulting and ridiculous questions so far) don’t even know that the words mean. To them they are just scary words that they want to link to Obama. I mean, it worked in the 50’s, so why not now?

And on the calm side of the presidential race:

Barack Obama has begun his closing argument with a speech in Canton, Ohio. The speech is about 30 minutes long. He’s back to being inspirational, offering hope and a promise of a better tomorrow.

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