>Palin? You’ve Got to be Kidding!


Palin’s poor record

John McCain has picked Alaska governor Sarah Palin, one of the least known governors in the nation, as his running mate. This is problematic for the Republican’s on several counts.
Her name rhymes with van Halen (news reporters seem to have trouble with the name, she is such an unknown, and are using this to remember her name.)

As a woman, Palin is expected to bring in the Hillary voters who the Republicans think feel snubbed. But Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton. And most Hillary supporters are Democrats, and are not going to support an anti-choice woman who they will recognize was only chosen to manipulate them. One word comes to mind: condescending.

Sarah Palin cannot stand next to Joe Biden as a vice president who is a heartbeat away from being commander in chief of our country. And she in no way has the credentials to match him in a debate on foreign policy.

This is worse than Dan Quayle as a vice president choice.Pat Buchanan says this is the biggest political gamble in American history. Palin has her own problems in Alaska, and some are calling for an ethics investigation of her. While this may not turn out be anything, just the fact that ethics are being questioned before the choice is significant.

I don’t have permission to print these cartoons by Dan Darrow from Alaska, but I do have permission to print the thumbnails, click on them and see the full cartoon. Looks like Sarah Palin will attract the Troy King wing of the Republican Party (who is back in the news).

Dan Darrow
Ester Republic and Freelance …
Nov 17, 2006

Dan Darrow
Ester Republic and Freelance …
Sep 16, 2006

I can already see her being depicted on Saturday Night Live. Can’t wait.

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