>Bits and Pieces for 1000, Alex


Alabama Stonewall Democrats will meet tonight at 6:00 at Logan’s Roadhouse near Crestwood Blvd. Everyone is welcome, we will be discussing the Democratic platform, in particular how it relates to GLBT issues.

Newspapers across the country are printing wedding or commitment ceremony announcements for same sex couples. How do the Alabama papers measure up?

GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) has published a list of papers in every state. Of the major papers in the state, The Birmingham News will print an announcement if it is legally recognized, and has done so in the past. According to the site: The meaning of “legally recognized” varies from paper to paper, but usually means either that the couple’s union was legally recognized by some authority (i.e. obtained marriage license in Canada, Massachusetts, California or Spain, or obtained domestic partnership that is recognized by a state authority).

The Mobile Press Register will do so on a case by case basis, but has not printed one in the past.

Fifteen papers are included in the list. You might be surprised to learn which papers will print an announcement and under what circumstances.

MSNBC will have a new show following Countdown with Keith Olbermann, with Rachel Maddow as its host. Maddow is a Rhodes scholar with a Ph.D. in political science and according to The Advocate she may be the first openly gay woman to host a prime time show.

Olympic shot of the day has to be Usain Bolt of Jamaica, who now has world records in both 100 and 200 meter races. 19.30 in the 200!!!

And speaking of Jamaica, a year ago today I returned from that island after being pounded by Hurricane Dean. And here is how we kept in touch.

Here are some shots of Jamaica after the hurricane.

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