>Troy King Rumors in the Tuscaloosa News

>Finally, the Troy King (troiking) story has been picked up by some main stream media.

After rumors about John Edwards affair hit the news, now answers are being sought about Troy King’s . Tuscaloosanews.com has a piece.

This article posted on The Huffington Post (which has led to a lot of visits to Bessemer Opinions, thanks to a link in the story. Thanks, HP), invited people to seek out the skeletons in Republican’s closets, and started the ball rolling again.

The Tuscaloosa paper urges a middle ground, reporting without getting sleazy. Hard to do when the subjects are sleazy, but their point I believe is finding ways to address rumors without sitting on them for years, as in the Edwards case.

King sure isn’t going to do it. Afterall, this and this should have been enough to make him want to address the rumors.

So now we just need to see the biggie papers in the state pick it up and demand some answers.

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