>Pass the Watermelon, please


The painting is by Boris Kustodiev, titled The Merchant’s Wife. Painted in 1918. Oil on canvas. The Russian Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. It has nothing to do with this post, except for the watermelon.
It all begins to make sense, though.

A show on CNBC about big companies featured Wal-Mart, and one segment was about international Wal-Mart and China in particular. Among other things I learned that in the store they were featuring in Beijing they sell 14 tons of watermelons every day.

On the same weekend we learned from CNN that watermelon rind has the same effect as Viagra.

Is it any wonder that there are billions of Chinese?

Now, do you think Tom, T-Action, Burton, aka watermelon boy, doing the Watermelon Crawl is pumped up, so to speak, by the effects of Watermelon …or do you think alcohol is involved? Why else would you drag yourself across the floor like a snake in a watermelon patch? Oh well, he’s having a good time, no doubt. Crawl on, Tom.

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