>They’re wascally, they are

>Those wascally wepublicans

What rock do these people crawl out from under?

This from Doc’s Political Parlor. Start with Harri Anne Smith, in a runoff with Jay Love for the Republican nomination for AL-02 to run against Democrat Bobby Bright in November. She accuses Love of voting “for higher income taxes,” trying “to raise taxes one billion,” and voting “for Alabama’s largest tax increase” and the bill referenced in the ad is one, that if you do your research, you find that she voted for as well. Find all of this on the link above.

And from Daily Dixie this is just bizarre. Matt Chancey (you remember,The guy who doesn’t know fish) is running for Public Service Commission president. Just go here and see what his wife wrote. What century? Let me give you a hint:

“Was the 19th amendment misguided? Should all women (or all people, for that matter) have a vote?
We have to walk carefully here. Let it be understood that there are good, thoughtful people on both sides of the suffrage issue.”
Really? Today?

All I know is that I am for all republican households casting only one vote. For that I give her credit.

And Karl Rove says Obama reminds him of “the guy at the country club with the beautiful date, holding a martini and a cigarette that stands against the wall and makes snide comments about everyone who passes by.” Isn’t that a laugh, an old white guy from the republican party calling a black guy “country club,” when most country clubs full of GOP (Gas, Oil Petroleum) party members won’t even let black people in? at least historically.

And I won’t write a thing about McCain, he provides his own brand of ineptness on a daily basis without me pointing it out. At least not today. 5:30 Thursday morning comes early.

Oh, and if anyone wants to read my take on Paul’s letter to the Romans, read yesterdays comments. He wasn’t criticising gays or lesbians in loving committed relationships.

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