>About marriage

>I am involved all day for the next few day taking some Incident Command courses from Homeland Security this week. Going well so far. this is ICS 300 and 400…great training.

The Conservative (most were appointed by Republican governors, including conservative hero Ronald Reagan)California Supreme Court that allowed equality in marriage to begin has been asked to keep the initiative to ban the marriages off the November ballot. Story

If these guys married, why shouldn’t gays of today. These are 4th century Christian martyrs Saint Sergius and Saint Bacchus who were united in the rite of Adelphoesis, or brother-making, considered an early form of religious same-sex marriage, according to John Boswell, noted historian. In this picture, Jesus is the “best man” overlooking the two. This 7th century painting is in the public domain. The links are wiki.

Here is a celebration of marriages from California. this will warm your heart.

And here is Bernard and Nicks wedding from 2006 in London. Nice.


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