>Vote Today…but why? And Marriage Equality

> You should too. Polls are open till 7:00.

People in South Dakota and Montana are voting today as well. I expect Senator Clinton to bow out gracefully, after tonight. If and when she does…I will unite with other democrats in support of Barack Obama.

In the meantime, we will watch tonight’s returns with interest, as history unfolds before us.

But as I voted today, I couldn’t get Hacking Democracy out of my mind.

We watched the HBO documentary last night, and if you see the first 5 minutes, you have to watch the rest. During those five minutes, they remind us that in Volusia County Florida in 2000 that Al Gore received negative 16, 022 votes in one precinct. A precinct that had only 585 registered voters. 412 of those voters actually cast ballots, and Bush got 2813 and Gore -16, 022. On Diebold Voting machines. You don’t think their machines can be hacked? Watch .

You can watch Hacking Democracy on HBO in Demand, or just go to Youtube and search “hacking democracy” and there it is, in several parts, 1,2,3…9.

And we are supposed to have faith in the system? Well, yeah…so..vote! And believe that housewive’s in Seattle and professors at Princeton are on top of things.

Meanwhile, as we wait for tonight’s results, attitudes about same sex marriage are changing. Much like attitudes toward interracial marriage changed, but at a slightly quicker pace.

Here is a graph of attitudes toward interracial marriage.

In 1958 94% of Americans were against the concept while only 4% approved. In 1968, around the time the U. S. Supreme Court ruled that interracial marriage could not be denied, only 20 % approved. Not until 1991, 25 years later, did more people support than oppose, and now, a large majority does.

Now look at the graph for same sex marriage.

Blue line is support, red is oppose and black is don’t know. The blip is around 2004 when Republicans used gay marriage as a wedge issue. At this point, according to the latest Gallup poll, about 46% approve, so the clear trend is acceptance, and I predict that 2009 will be the year that the lines cross. As marriages occur in California, people will see that it is OK, even preferred, to allow people to live in loving committed relationships that support one another and support society.

Jay Brannan has a new song, Housewife. Who would not want a life partner like the one he sings of? This song is NSFW, it includes the F word, so don’t play at work. Unless you work in a really cool place. The song is available on itunes, the album will be out in July.


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