American Pillar

I am not writing about a pillar of society, rather I am promoting a vigorous rambling rose. I believe this rose is American Pillar, introduced in 1902. It is aggressive, growing very rapidly, and when I moved here it was just spread all over the place. I built this “pillar” for it to climb on, but I can’t keep it contained, and it has grown up into an oak tree and over to and along the fence.

But its blooms are a wonderful shade of deep pink with many bright yellow stamens, occuring in bunches. Unfortunately it only blooms once a year, and last year had no blooms as the entire plant was afflicted by powdery mildew.

One thing I like is the timing of its show, because as most of the other old roses are past their peak, this one takes over, and is visible from the street as well as from the yard.

In a different light, the blooms take on a slighly different hue, leading some to think this might be a different variety.
If anyone thinks this might be something other than American Pillar, let me know.

And if anyone needs a good laugh, just watch this clip from “Whose Line is it Anyway” with Richard Simmons. Careful, if you are at work, your co-workers will wonder why you are rolling in the floor.

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