Don Siegelman on 60 Minutes

Scott Pelley interviewed Don Siegelman two days after his release from prison.

Here Scott Pelley answers questions about the story. Unfortunately, you have to listen to a Sprint advertisement first. Siegelman was still in prison when this took place. These videos from CBS embed sort of strange, hope they work.

From Sunday, April 6, 60 Minutes Show, here Siegelman affirms that he did not make a deal with Scrushy.

Here Elmer Harris confrims that there was not bribe (where was he when we needed him?)

Here Siegelman discusses the future. Politics is not in his future, Karl Rove…mission accomplished.

I can only hope that Karl Rove and several others involved in this are obliged to enjoy prison in a worse way than Don Siegelman did.

3 Responses to “Don Siegelman on 60 Minutes”

  1. mooncat Says:

    I’d be curious to know why 60 Minutes has posted these clips, but declined to include them in the show they aired Sunday evening.

  2. writechic Says:

    Maybe they are saving them for another story. Maybe the Rove angle. That Karl Rove destroyed my political career sound bite is a good one.

  3. Joe Openshaw Says:

    Since I was lounging in the backyard after planting seven trees, I forgot about time and missed 60 Minutes. So I just went to the programs web site and got therse clips. From the channel 42 news feed and the Bham News, I would have thought these were on the show.

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