>Murat Kurnaz

>This story was on 60 Minutes last night. If someone is not convinced that our military was out of control …no wait…they are under control…of a devious and lying commander in chief who has no concern about human rights or dignity…anyway here is the story of Murat Kurnaz.

You may already know the story of Kurnaz, a German man who was detained in 2001 (shortly after 9-11) by Pakistani police and given to the US for $3000. He was detained because of racial profiling…he was lighter skinned than the Pakistanis that were travelling on the bus with him.

He was bound and shackled and flown in a U. S. military plane to Khandihar, Afghanistan, where he became prisoner number 53.

He was kept in an outdoor pen, in sub-freezing temperatures and interrogated daily. He of course denied the charges that he was a terrorist.

American troops held his head under water, and hit him in the stomach while his head was submerged in an effort to get information from him (Opinion…torture…no wait, that’s not an opinion, that is a fact.) They shocked him with electricity, and suspended hinm by his arms for 5 days, while a doctor periodically checked him to determine that he could stand to be suspended for longer periods.

When reminded during the interview that the military will deny his charges, he said “It does not matter whatever they will say. The truth will not change.”

Other prisoners describe similar treatment and some troops have admitted to those practices.

Then they transported him to Gitmo, where he was forced to go without sleep for weeks among other techniques our guys used to try to make him confess or give information.

In 2004 the U. S. Supreme Court ruled GITMO prisoners have a right to representation and an attorney surprisingly paid him a visit.

The attorney discovered the military had been making up charges to keep him classified as an enemy combatant. The attorney also found a file written within six months of Kurnaz’s arrival at GITMO that said “CITF (Criminal Investigation Task Force) has no definite link/evidence of detainee having an association with al Qaida or making any specific threat toward the U. S.”

So even though there was no evidence against him, Kurnaz was kept 3-1/2 more years with invented new charges such as a charge that he was picked up near Osama bin Laden’s hide out in Afghanistan while fighting for the Taliban. Strange…the U. S. is the one that took him to Afghanistan…in custody.

A judge ruled that the military tribunals in GITMO were unconstitutional, referring to Kurnaz’s case in doing so. He was finally released in 2006, and flown home bound and shackled and blindfolded and denied food and water for the entire seventeen hour flight.

He has written a book “Five Years of My Life, An Innocent Man in Guantanamo. There will be no book signing tour, however, he is still banned from the U. S. and considered by our government to be an “unlawful enemy combatant.”

How anyone can support the Bush-Cheney-McCain war is beyond me.

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