>More on Sally Kern

>It seems that Ellen Degeneres has learned about Oklahoma Representative Sally Kern’s homophobic tirade (from this blog, no doubt)…and she made a phone call.

And…get this…Kern has a son who is gay …and she and her Baptist preacher hubby have dis-owned him. And removed him from her web page. How is that for practicing Christian love?

Now various blogs and papers in Oklahoma have stories about this, some of which quote Jesse as denying to be sexual in anyway, and choosing to be celibate (can you not be celibate and still be gay?), instead being metaphysical (? OK, you got me there). Anyway, gay or not, he does have a record of being busted years ago in a way that makes me think of Larry Craig. Like a comment I read elsewhere said, I am sure his mother has made his life miserable, and she didn’t help him one bit by spreading her hatred around. Jesse, you can be whatever you are and it doesn’t bother me, just be careful spreading that metaphysicality around, especially indoctrinating the two year olds. And please, avoid your mother. You need better karma.

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