Oscars Part II, La Vie En Rose

Just a couple of more Oscar notes.

Ruby Dee is 83 years old. She looked marvelous and I just hope she will continue to perform. After all, production designer Robert Boyle received an Oscar Sunday night and he is 98 years old.

If you are not careful in trying to find information about Robert Boyle you find the philosopher and scientist of the same name. I did, and thought “Born in 1627, no wonder the man could hardly make it to the microphone” and then realized I had the wrong guy. The Boyle of old is known mostly for physics things, like Boyle’s law which has to do with movement of sound through air and such. Really it is deeper than that, stating that volume of a gas increases as pressure decreases at a constant temperature.

Back to the Oscars. Yesterday I mentioned Marion Cotillard and how happy yet unbelieving she was when she won. Here is her acceptance. Have you ever been this happy?

Here is Edith Piaf, sometimes thought of as France’s most poular pop singer of all time, in 1954 singing “La Vie En Rose” from which the movie takes its name.

And here is a little bit of Marion in the movie.

Something about Edith’s troubled life juxtaposed with the sheer joy Marion showed makes me want to see the movie. Netflix?

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