>Great Backyard Bird Count

>Today begins the Great Backyard Bird Count…lasts all weekend.

Visit Great Backyard Bird Count . Over to the left are some tabs about what the count is and how to do it. Get a checklist and get started. Turn them in online or by email. It’s fun and gets you in tune with your backyard in the winter.

You just count for at least 15 minutes on whichever days you can. Last year we had 12 lists submitted from Bessemer, with 30 species of birds, and 1 from nearby Lipscomb, with 11 species. That may not sound like much, compared to, say, Fultondale, which led Alabama with 171 lists with 48 species. But well to do neighbors like Hoover and Vestavia residents must be too busy to sit around counting birds…only 1 list from each city.

Trey, from The Human Animal, now writes a column having to do with gardening and horticulture for The Western Tribune. More bloggers moving up in the world. More local talent in the Tribune.

Oh, gee, something happened to the comments feature. Overloaded I guess. I will work on that later. Until then, remember, this is a blog. A place for me to log my progressive, sometimes entertaining views. Not a forum, which is for the exchange of views and ideas.

Ok that’s it for today; I’m out of town seeking an internship. Wish me luck.

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