>Breathing a sigh of Relief (Not You, Louise!)

>Mitt Romney has dropped out of the presidential race.

The next biggest threat to America is Mike Huckabee, the Dominionist.

John McCain will not destroy our country, but we sure don’t want him elected either, but we can defeat him I am sure, regardless of who the Democratic nominee is.

I doubt Louise Alexander is breathing a sigh of relief. Here in Bessemer the dominos are beginning to fall. The Alabama Ethics Commission (?) has referred the case of councilwoman Louise Alexander to the Attorney General’s office. Read it

Louise said “I haven’t done anything wrong.”

However, she did apparently deposit $17,775 in checks made out to the city and a city school into her business account. “Oops.”

Two of the checks totalling $12, 775 were donated by local businessmen for an awards program that does not even exist. I guess she solicited the donations? “Oops.”

I did say “beginning to fall” didn’t I? Well money was taken out of a TIF fund and deposited into an account to make payroll last year. “Oops.”

And money derived from property taxes for the rebuilding of the library was used to make a payment from the city to the school board. “Oops.”

There is an audit planned by the City Council, but I just have this feeling that it will not go very deep. Mainly because they are only spending up to $15,000 for the audit. And the word “forensic” was left out. But…it is a start. Stay tuned…

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