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>One more day like yesterday and I will…well, I guess I will miss another day of blogging. but school is pretty much a priority these days, and biostatistics…

There are in fact two things: science and opinion. One begats knowledge, the latter ignorance.
– Hippocrates

I wonder where I fall in there, since I often write opinions about science. Hmmm.

Barack Obama was critical during Monday’s debate of Hillary Clinton for sitting on the board of directors of Walmart back when the company really did sell products “Made in America” and before Walmart came under fire for things like mis-treating employees and mis-labeling food as being organic when it is not.

Of course he didn’t bring up that his wife Michelle resigned less than a year ago from the board of directors of Treehouse Foods, Inc., whose largest customer is Walmart which accounts for over 16% of its sales. She resigned immediately after Senator Obama made a speech critical of Walmart and its anti-union policies. I guess she felt the heat since Treehouse doesn’t have the best reputation regarding pickle plants and low paid Hispanic workers.

But in defense of both women, maybe sitting on the board of a corporation is one way to bring positive change to a company. I mean, blaming directors is not unlike faulting progressive democrats in congress who can’t get legislation passed because of the neocons in power, which was especially the case before the 2006 elections.

I guess that the Romney campaign is desperate to show some humor, so that their candidate can be proven not to be robot, but does this do it? Here son Matt Romeny plays a little jokle on his dad.

Are you laughing? Will candiate Mitt be laughing after the Republican primary in Florida where recent polls show him neck in neck with John McCain? (Leaving poor Rudy out)

In today’s Birmingham News is a political cartoon by Walt Handelsman of Newsday.

But I wonder…somewhere between the Hillary Haters and the Independents and Moderates, should there be a cut of racists? Or are they distributed throughout all the divisions of the party? Regardless, we have heard for years about the differing factions of the democratic party, gays here, African Americans there, Hollywood liberals way over there, northern elitists running the party, progressive evangelicals not being heard, working class being squeezed…so our ass, uh, donkey could be cut up in a similar manner. But when it comes down to it, all indications are that in spite of the expected bickering between candidates, after the convention the Democrats and progressive independents and moderate republicans will come together to support whoever the Democratic candidate is.

There is an interesting story in the New Yorker that starts out:

Who, speaking last week, made the following statement: “Enough is enough. More people need to be willing to step up and say, ‘Let’s do something about this.’ That’s how change will be made.”

Think you know the answer? Wrong, It wasn’t Barack or Hillary. It was April White, a massage therapist from Clermont Florida who in 2003 purchased a set of 800 count sheets from Bed Bath and Beyond in Birmingham, AL, and making a long story short, had them examined by a forensic textile lab (who knew?) only to find they “were, in facts, mere 408s.”

To make a longer story even shorter, if the judge approves, April will recieve $2500, and her attorneys $290,000. In addition, ” all purchasers between August 1, 2000 and November 9, 2007 of multi-ply sheet sets, pillowcases, down comforters, bedskirts, shams, duvets, and down pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond that were labelled as ‘plied,’ ‘two-ply,’ or ‘2-ply’ “ are eligible for refunds and discount certificates.

While $2500 seems like enough to compensate someone for having to sleep on scratchy sheets for a day or two, a quarter of a million dollars for attorney’s fees seems a little steep. A good chunk of that money should have gone to buy sheets or blankets for the poor, and I’m sure they wouldn’t have demanded 800 count linens. Such a donation would be the philanthropic thing to do.

And do we really have to keep every little receipt for everything we buy, just in case a class action lawsuit is brought up a few years later?


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