>Hillary News, and a Little Bessemer History

>Has your attitude about Hillary Clinton changed? The Boston Globe has a story titled Many Warming Unexpectedly to Clinton . You might have to register with the Boston Globe site to read this.

The story is about voters in New Hampshire, but the theme holds true in Alabama as well, as polls show she is increasing her lead among democratic voters here as well. A poll in September showed that 45% of primary voters in Alabama would choose Hillary up quite a bit from previous polls.

I am sure that there are some moderate republican voters whose attitude toward Mrs. Clinton have changed as well, and while they will not be voting in democatic primaries, some will vote for her if she is the candidate, in November 08.

I love it when republicans get what they wish for. For years they have been dreaming for a Hillary Clinton candidacy, thinking she would be a cinch to beat. Now she is growing stronger and it looks like their wish will be granted.

I want to hear from people who have changed their views on Hillary. If you previously said you would never vote for her, but now think you will, let me know. You can be anonymous, just click the anonymous button on the comments page.

In other election news, VOTE today in Birmingham. You know my recommendations, if not scroll down.

Our house was recently added to the Jefferson County Historical register, as the Lewis – Huey – McElroy House.

Do not confuse this with Huey Lewis and the News, still making music.

Colonel Thomas T. Huey, a Spanish-American War veteran, was mayor of Bessemer when he moved into the house built by George Lewis in 1895. Here he is with zinnias near the pergola in the back that still has antique roses from his era growing on it.

About 70 years later, Dr. T. R. McElroy bought the house, where he lived until 2000. He continued the gardening, hybridizing and displaying daylilies, and adding roses and camellias and azaleas.

The Lewis – Huey – McElroy House, ca. 1895.


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