>From Prostitution to Dr. Laura

>Please don’t spend a lot of time thinking about this, but there was a big prostitution ring bust in Marshall County (that’s Albertville, Boaz, Guntersville) Alabama, and one of the women from the “tralier park brothel” said that on slow days she had sex with 25 men and on busy days with 80 men.

Customers paid $30 for a poker chip that was worth 15 minutes of sex. The women collected the chips and traded them in for $15. Do the math. No, not for how much she made. For how much time out of the day she had left for anything else she might need to do to survive. Like eating, sleeping.


Check out my first ever youtube video. I know, it’s too long (3 minutes) and too loud (bulldozers are like that) but the message toward the end is clear. Bessemer Success
There is also a link from Bessemer Neighbors

And finally, this is from 2002 and is about Dr. Laura. My brother sent it to me. Why can’t I own a Canadian? All you Bible verse “pick and choosers” need to read it.

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