>Spider Martin Photos

>Many of you have seen photographs taken by Spider Martin who is best known for his photos of the Civil Rights movement. But other things were going on during the sixties, and Spider’s lens pointed at other subjects as he provided images for magazines such as McCall’s and Playboy.

Spider Martin’s Unseen Sixties” is an exhibit of his fashion photographs taken between 1965 and 1973 on display until August 17 in the UAB Visual Arts Gallery at 900
13th St. S.

Spider’s daughter Tracy Martin helped Brett Levine and Mindi Shapiro select the photos to be displayed, as part of a celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Summer of Love. The images are humorous and representative of the period.

Brett Levine says that this side of Spider Martin for many “will be entirely unexpected.

Gallery hours are 11 to 5 Monday – Thursday, 11 to 4 on Friday, closed on weekends.

UAB Exhibit

Make your plans if you live in Bessemer to attend the BNA meeting on Monday at 7. There will be a very important discussion of the dog abuse issue in Bessemer, and action is about to be taken. We need the support of as many residents as possible.


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