>Bill Clinton Returns !

> This past weekend we saw Cirque Du Soleil’s Delirium at the BJCC in Birmingham. Part musical, part concert, and part circus, the performance can only be described as weird. In a good way. The story is the main character’s dream (a key element I did not realize until I later read a review) so I guess the possibilities are unlimited. I mean, add a trapeze artist and some acrobatics and hula hoops and even my dreams could be turned in to an entertaining show.

Why can’t people just accept John and Elizabeth’s statement that they can and will continue this campaign without trying to second guess their decision? These are strong people; they have suffered through tragedy, and are well educated and understand her prognosis and are aware of what may happen. Unexpected things and adversity can happen to anyone at any time, and a lot can be told about someone by how they handle such situations. Don’t we want someone to lead our country who can remain calm when facing adversity? Then to criticize someone when they actually show these qualities does not make sense. Oh, this is not an endorsement of John Edward’s candidacy.

President Bill Clinton will be the guest speaker at the Alabama Democratic Party’s annual Jefferson Jackson dinner. The Dinner will be held on Friday, April 20th at 6:30 at the old HealthSouth conference center (that reception hall has a new name, but I can’t remember it). Tickets are going fast, according to party chairman Joe Turhham. The ticket price is $150 a person. Go to the Alabama Democratic Party site for more information: http://aladems.org/.

Will Birmingham make history today? Stay tuned.


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